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Welcome Family and Friends

We are happy to announce that after 11 years together and 6 years of long-distance relationship, we are finally closing the distance as we get married on 12 22 2018

The Groom

The Groom

Juris is the master of all things art. He is an epic graphic/web designer, WFC guitarist and aspiring Power Ranger who lives in Manila, Philippines. Very intuitive and spontaneous guy, his decisions usually depend on what he feels − whether getting pulled in last minute barkada trips or staying in and binge-watching his favorite Anime shows. Overall, he is the most loyal, kind and romantic, pizza and Gundam fanatic that you will meet.

- Jewel

The Bride

The Bride

Jewel is a hardcore programmer based in Houston, Texas who often finds herself on flights to Manila and around the world. Despite her busy schedule, she maintains a bubbly aura that makes her very lovable. She also sustains her weekly cravings on ramen and milk tea. A total opposite of right-brained humans, she is very analytical. Her energy dominating as a strong independent leader indicates that she is definitely a 100% Leo.

- Juris

Event Details

We are married for...


  • Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Tagaytay
  • 2:30 PM


  • Clear Water House, Tagaytay
  • 5 PM

Our Story

Our story started way back when we were still in Kindergarten. Yes, we were so young!
Read more details below about our journey from kinder to forever!

  • Kinder Classmates

    We met as classmates at the University of the Philippines Integrated School. He told everybody that he had a crush on her. She felt super awkward.

  • Made the Move

    Years passed as he tried to make her notice him. Luckily, thanks to the invention of cellphones, what started as one text message ended up as late night calls.

  • Friends to Prom Dates

    We became really good friends and automatically turned each other as Prom Dates. There were no Promposals back then, life was easy!

  • Officially Dating

    Two years of friendship plus let's be honest some flirty texts with 6 months of courtship later, we made it official! It was a sweet "yes".

  • Finished College Together

    We went in University of the Philippines. He picked Art while she went into Engineering. We had completely opposite degrees but we helped each other out.

  • 13,000 KMs Apart

    Shortly after graduation, she moved to Houston, TX. We decided to stay together. Daily Viber and weekly Skype calls kept our long distance relationship strong.

  • Yearly Beach Outings

    We lived in two different worlds but we made sure to shorten the distance and see each other once a year. We would always reconnect in our happy place.

  • First International Trip

    Three weeks was the only time we had every visit so we try to make every second extra special. Our first out-of-the-country trip in Tokyo, Japan was one for the books.

  • One Decade Milestone

    After 10 years of partnership, 5 of which in long distance, he marked it with a proposal during sunset in front of our friends. Now, we're on our way to forever.

  • Juris and Jewel Proposal Video
    Watch the Proposal


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